Saturday, October 4, 2014

M.A.C's Limited Edition Collections Are Killing Me

You know, I thought it was bad when I couldn't get my hands on the Simpson collection. You know, the one that was totally all about Marge that sold out in a couple hours? 

I found out the hour after it was released that M.A.C had released a collection for Rocky Horror Picture Show, and I lost it. Literally, I've never freaked out more. I called my uncle, who, let me just say, is a true fan. He went to the midnight showing the first night it came out in 1975, so naturally, he was just as freaked out as I am. He doesn't wear makeup, but he appreciated it nonetheless. 

I immediately went online, thinking I could maybe at least get one of the nail polishes, perhaps even Bad Fairy? It was too much to hope for the lipsticks, especially FrankNFurter. I was right, FrankNFurter had sold out in thirty minutes after coming onto the site. Everything had sold out in under an hour. I would have killed a man for that pigment pot. 

That's right. I had missed it. 

The years span before me in a torturous void; full of Nightmoths and Ruby Woos, sure, and even a Russian Red here and there. 

But, no FrankNFurter. 

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