Saturday, September 27, 2014

What am I Loving Right Now?

1) buying music from artists I like legally 

2) Gillian Anderson

3) Surpisingly upbeat horror movies

4) Parents listening to music on good headphones for the first time

5) Buying makeup everyone else raves about

6) Discussing parasitic life forms

7) Discussing parasitic alien life forms

8) Discussing aliens

9) Finding someone who can't escape to talk to about European history 

10) Listening to The Moldy Peaches

11) Complimenting people's pedicures

12) Homecoming week when all the candidates are selling donuts for $1

13) Blueberries

14) When my dog agrees to be held like an infant 

15) Water bottles

16) Telling white boys that complain about girls drinking pumpkin spice lattes that they are irrelevant

17) Tanya Davis 

18) The 'Flander's Mare'

19) Not being afraid to people you know that they're being problematic 

20) New Marie Antoinette biographies

21) Mona Lisa Vito

22) The original homegirl Hestia (get it?)

23) Moms disgustedly pointing out the patriarchy

24) Dads disgustedly pointing out the patriarchy 

25) My hair

26) Sylvia Plath's blatant exploration into sexuality 

27) Liberal David Beckam-esques

28) Freakishly long feet but not long enough to be disconcerting 

29) Girl toads that look offended when you pick them up

30) nails chipped from teething kittens

31) Molly Bancroft's Funky Little Mouth 

32) The Mumford & Sons aescetic  

33) Dark green flats with rose-gold tips (still searching)

34) Lavender belts with silver spikes (found) 

35) Stevie Nicks 

36) Dana's Tabu 

37) Knowing someone who got a picture with Sam Pepper and still regrets it 

38) Romancing the Stone, when Michael Douglas wasn't dying 

39) Making pet toys out of old underwear

40) House Hunters International 

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