Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Legacy of Marilyn: Wearing perfume FOR BED?

As I went through my nightly routine for you all a few weeks ago, I realized just tonight, dancing around to Stevie Nicks in my infamously hideous pink satin nightcap, that I had left out a very crucial, if bizarre, step: applying perfume.


Yeah! Totally! Absolutely positively, I wear perfume to sleep. Does this or does this not make me a total perfume-ista? Ah, but that's beside the point (but yes, on an unrelated note, I am totally a perfume-ista). 

The point of perfumes, you may be aware, is to put you in a moment. Yeah, also to compliment an outfit or create a cloud of aromatic air that will have guys and girls dogging at your heels, but mainly to do that other thing. Take for instance, a perfume with notes of cinnamon or vanilla: that perfume probably makes you think of comforting memories. You may go back to the winter of '89 when your oft-forgetful partner remembered your anniversary with cinnamon toast in bed, or when your mom spritzed all the Christmas cards with vanilla before shipping them off. Whatever the memory, that perfume = something more. 

Hold on, I'm getting to something good and profound. 

Call me a city princess, but I like perfume. They've played a big part in my life, because so many women I've admired have worn a signature smell. Fabergé's Tigress, Chanel's no. 5, Guerlain's Shalimar, Mugler's Angel, Estée Lauder's (delicious) Youth Dew, and my personal sweet spot, Tabu by Dana. Old fashioned? A little. Old lady-esque? Some might say. But perfect for bringing back memories and lulling one into a gilded dreamland sparkling with diamonds and painted amber? 

Totally, man.

Though my personal jam is Tabu (worn by every 60's babe in the inner city where my mom hails, it would seem), look for a perfume that brings you warmth, comfort, and let's face it, a lot of musk and spice. Sultry overload is something that can work against the tides of insomnia, promise. All you need is a little dab on your neck and wrists, bada boom bada bang, your eyelids are 1,000 pounds. Tabu is extremely cheap at around $15 (it left its hayday when LBJ did) so I have no qualms with patting it on, snuggled in my piles of pillows and just a little dizzy on nail polish fumes. 

For an even bigger hit, indulge in Estée's Youth Dew bath oil. Sprinkle some in the tub before bedtime, and sink down listlessly into steamy, swirling, perfumed waters.

"What do I wear in bed? Why, Chanel no. 5 of course." — Marilyn Monroe

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