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March Favorites 2014!

God okay, so I skipped February. I feel like every one else did too though, so I don't feel quite as bad! What was it about February? I just felt like doing anything but writing about my favorites.

Anyway, I'll just get to it, hmm? Oh, and I'll try to keep my review hella short so you don't have to read my long rambling, but if you don't want to read my review, it's totally fine! Obviously, since it's in my favorites post, you're safe to assume that it's a good review ;D


I am literally obsessed with this product. I love it because it is vegan (because even you aren't one food-wise, it's always a good thing to look for in beauty products ^^), sulfate free, and dye free. It's made with coconut water and various other marine ingredients like seaweed, and in addition to removing your makeup and other funky stuff, it acts as a toner! FINALLY. And the bottle? Absolute perfection. I'm one of those people that buys products based 90% on how it looks! and this is such a simplistic design with this perfect turquoise, tropical bottle. And it smells divine, like fresh coconut, and the dye free product looks really cool, like a jellyfish or something in your hand? That's a weird description. And if you didn't already know, I have VERY sensitive skin that is prone to irritation breakouts, and this soap is really gentle on the skin while still deep-cleaning! and the marine active ingredients like seaweed mattify your face naturally :D

2. Soma Sensualities Hydrating Lotion (bought at Soma Intimates)

Also obsessed. I have almost the whole line (White Fig & Apricot, Sugar Rose & White Tea, and Soymilk & Orange Flower) and they're perfect! The fragrances are TO DIE FOR, the scent lasts a long time (lightly lingering on your skin like it's your natural smell, not overpowering or artificial)l and the formula leaves my skin feeling SO SOFT. Even if they were unscented, I would be in love, because the ingredients like coconut oil and Vitamins E and C make these the best lotions in my collection (and it's a big collection, trust me). And right now they're having a sale for $5 beauty products, and considering you get a good amount and the store is a pretty high-end lingerie boutique, it's a steal.

3. C. O. Bigelow Rose Salve No. 012 (bought at Bath & Body Works)

I am never getting another lip balm for night, ever. I love this stuff so much. There isn't much to say, except it's everything you can hope for in a lip balm. It smells so elegant, has a beautiful sheer pink pigment, goes on super smooth, stays on your lips for hours, and moisturizes out of this world. And what's more? You can use it for rough patches on your skin, your cuticles, even as a heavy-duty face salve like in the winter or something, which makes it totally worth the $5. My only issue is that it comes in a pot instead of a stick or a tube (which makes sense because of its multi uses) but I'm just not a big fan of pots because they're hard to get open and you have to get your finger all sullied :/ however, I usually just rub what's left into my cuticles so it's perf. 


1. Lights

I just found this artist a few days ago, but I think I'm in love. Her songs remind me a bit like some Florence + The Machine songs only on some acid. It has techno undertones, so I guess you can call it sync pop? Is that a thing people call sounds? iS THAT A THING?? Anyway, I would highly suggest you check out her album Siberia, and my favorite song so far is Flux and Flow

2. Blackmill

Most of their songs are so hecka chill, and I would compare them closely to Late Night Alumni. I love the mood their music gives, and it seems like something you would listen to in California light life or something, I don't know. I would also compare some of their songs to Lindsey Stirlings original songs like 'Crystallize' or 'Elements', so if you're fan of those two, I would check Blackmill out. My favorite songs is Let it Be ^^

3. Bow Wow Wow

I've loved Bow Wow Wow for a  long time, but I've never mentioned them in a favorites for who knows why, so I thought it was about time! They were an English 80's new wave band that has inspired a lot of the music of bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers, and inspired one of the more famous RHCP lines, "Swimming in the sound of Bow Wow Wow". Their songs have content about the time period of the UK in the 1980's as well as the kind of grunge pop that was hella popular, mixed with Asian musical influences (the lead singer Annabella was born in Burma) as well as various African influences from some of the other members. I love listening to them to get happy and just feel generally cool, and my favorite songs are Aphrodisiac, Fools Rush In, and I Want Candy.

4. Siouxie and the Banshees

I feel like everyone needs to hear at least one Siouxie and the Banshees song, because they're just a really important band. Also, they're really good ^u^. They were (also) an English band created in 1976 reminiscent of Velvet Underground, and they are considered "a form of post-punk era discord full of daring rhythmic and sonic experimentation" that combined aspects of pop and avant-garde. They also were the foundation for the gothic genre (the old school kind, not to be confused with the modern subculture that came about with the character 'Crow' and the screamo genre ^^)  and inspired contemporaries like The Cure and The Psychedelic Furs (AND WHO DOESN'T LIKE THEM). Souixie Sioux's songs are just really cute okay? My favorites are Hong Kong Garden, Spellbound, and Night Shift


CAN I JUST. I highly recommend this anime, but let me just say that I am officially giving this the trigger warning it should have had at the beginning of the first episode. So: this anime contains very graphic death scenes, frightening images, blood, gore, and heartbreaking content. So if any of this stuff makes you uncomfortable or triggers you in any way, I would steer clear of this anime ^^. I had heard a lot about it, and after no consideration at all (because lets be real), I binge watched half the show. Which I do not recommend. Because it upset my stomach. Again, this show is very heavy in both its emotional themes and graphic content, so watching more than ten episodes is something I wouldn't condone. I would also recommend a happier entertainment at hand to take breaks every few episodes, because even though I wanted to continue and watch a lot in a row, I needed to LITERALLY TAKE A STEP BACK. But really, I love this show, and I'm very dedicated to the  characters (that have survived. Currently still getting over deaths. Check back soon) and the plot is very enthralling, creative, and just genuinely a great idea that is executed beautifully with an art style that some people don't like, but I personally think gives that much more to the mood of the show. 

OMG. THIS SHOW. I am so in love. It's a netflix original about a bunch of lesbians in jail getting into shenanigans, and things get hella real hella fast, aND IT IS SO GOOD. I spiritually identify with the main character Piper, but what makes this show great is that you can find a part of yourself in every one of those amazing women. I also like how they don't make them flawless as part of gender stereotypes (like the girls in Lost having hairless legs and looking perfectly tousled). Like, these girls look rough. Some have sunken eyes, some have shaved hair, or bloodshot eyes, or neck tattoos, stained teeth. PLUS THEY AREN'T FETISHIZED AND/OR MADE FUN OF FOR THEIR SEXUALITY. WHOA. WOW. You just need to watch it, k? 


So that's the end of my March Favorites! I'm really excited to share these with you, because they're all really great, and you will love them! I recommend ALL OF THEM IMMEDIATELY (except SNK; please consider your own situation before diving in, okay? I suggest a viewing buddy if you want to watch it but are cautious ^^). Kisses from me! <3

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