Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Very Winter-y Playlist

Hello, everyone! My friend was talking about putting a winter playlist on his blog Snorkeling in a Bathtub sometime soon, and so I thought I might try my hand in it ^^ I listen to a lot of various songs from a whole range of genres, so for that reason, organizing them would have been a task too great for little old me. However, I HAVE separated songs that are directly related to the holiday season below the main playlist, which just includes songs I'm listening to right now/remind me of winter. Enjoy! (Oh, and I have linked the playlists on YouTube for the Winter Playlist and the Holiday Playlist at the end of each section!)

Bubblegum Bitch // Marina and the Diamonds

Thistle & Weeds // Mumford & Sons

Winter Winds // Mumford & Sons

Little Lion Man // Mumford & Sons

White Blank Page // Mumford & Sons

Almost Lover // A Fine Frenzy

The Village Green Preservation Society // Kate Rusby

Ottoman // Vampire Weekend

Bad Blood // Bastille

Icarus // Bastille

These Streets // Bastille

Carmen // Lana Del Rey

Blue Jeans // Lana Del Rey

Bottom of the River // Delta Rae

Snow Mazes of Norway // Jenny Dalton 

The District Sleeps Alone at Night // Birdy

Young Blood // Birdy

Terrible Love // Birdy

Ice Wine // Lia Ices

I Just Wanna Run // the Downtown Fiction

Speeding Cars // Imogen Heap

Home // Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes

Let Her Go // Passenger

Mouthwash // Kate Nash

Riverside // Agnes Obel

Girl From the North Country // Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash

Icarus // White Hinterland

Once Upon Another Time // Sara Bareilles

Were-Owl // S.J Tucker

What the Water Gave Me // Florence + the Machine

You Really Got a Hold On Me // She & Him

You're So Vain // Carly Simon

Pot Kettle Black // Tilly and the Wall

Aphrodisiac // Bow Wow Wow

Nerdfighterlike // Hank Green

Misty // Johnny Mathis

Winter Playlist Clicky Link Thing

Actual Holiday Music

Winter Song // Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson 

Winter Wonderland // Ella Fitzgerald

Happy Xmas (War is Over) // Vanessa Carlton

Carol of the Bells // Celtic Woman

The Christmas Song // the Raveonettes 

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas // Bing Crosby

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas // Frank Sinatra

The whole album A very She & Him Christmas by She & Him 

The whole album Under the Mistletoe by Good Lovelies (which is not available on YouTube, so I have the whole album linked below the playlist link if you want to check it out. Which you should.)

Holiday Playlist Clicky Link Thing

Good Lovelies Album

And in case this wasn't enough, here is the Christmas radio link I usually listen to this time of year on Pandora:

Holiday Radio

Happy listening, sweeties! I'll be getting around very soon with another winter related post soon (perhaps my favourite books to read in the winter?), but till then:

<<< Look at this slightly disturbing picture of a winter baby I found on Google Images. Rejoice in it. Worship it. Fear it.

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