Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer Playlist

I don't know about you, but I have different sets of songs I listen to based upon the season. A lot of them transfer through, but a few are very distinct to the weather. Which makes a lot of sense because everyone subconsciously switches song based on the weather or what is happening in their own lives. For example, I tend to listen to slower, melancholy, classical piano songs when it's grey and rainy out. Now here, I will just list some songs I tend to listen to during the summer months. MUSIC TIME!

The Dark Streets of London// the Pogues

Pale Blue Eyes// Velvet Underground

Forever Yours// Alex Day

Neptune// S. J. Tucker

Mordred's Lullaby// Heather Dale

Cheshire Kitten// S. J. Tucker

Do It Anyway// Ben Folds Five

Crazy Love// Mindy Gledhill

A Song About Love// Charlie McDonnell

Kiss With A Fist// Florence + the Machine

Concerning Hobbits// Howard Shore

Plant Life// Owl City

Good Morning Sunshine// Alex Day

Little Talks// of Monsters and Men

Faerie Queen// Blackmore's Night

The Great Escape// Amelia

Under the Sea// Samuel E. Wright

DĂșlaman// Celtic Woman

Green the Whole Year 'Round// Celtic Woman

Observation// Eddie From Ohio

Chariot// Gavin DeGraw

Navy Taxi// Kate Nash

Le Festin// Camille

By Your Side// the Black Crowes

I'd Like To// Corinne Bailey Rae

Nights in White Satin// Moody Blues

Folding Chair// Regina Spektor

Fairy tale// Sara Bareilles

Waiting on the Sun// Sixpence None the Richer

Ottoman// Vampire Weekend

Brand New Shoes// She & Him

La Vie en Rose// Edith Piaf

The Foggy Dew// the Chieftians

Hong Kong Garden// Souixie and the Banshees

Fools Rush In// Bow Wow Wow

All Cats Are Grey// The Cure

The Melody of a Fallen Tree// Windsor for the Derby

Cold Coffee// Ed Sheeran

The A Team// Ed Sheeran

Hold On// Wilson Phillips

A Little Fall of Rain// Les Misérables cast

The Game is On (Sherlock)// David Arnold and Michael price

Moon Trance// Lindsey Stirling

Dragonborn Comes// Malukah

Honor to Us All// Mulan cast

Ravens in the Library// S. J. Tucker

Were-Owl// S. J. Tucker

Rabbit Heart// Florence + the Machine

Radioactive// Imagine Dragons

Zelda Rap// Smosh

Poison// Carrie Hope Fletcher

Whew, that took longer than anticipated. I may post another of these when summer fades into fall, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it ^_^. 

Either that, or a post about the menstrual cycle. Because that seems like a trending topic that has stayed popular since the dawn of time.

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