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When I found this out,  I felt this horrid rock in my chest where my heart should have been for a second. One of the greatest figures in the Land of Cinema is gone? Forever?


I have decided, therefore, that this post will be dedicated to some of my favorite Hughes movies. (by the way, I will not be doing a synopsis for any of these, so if you haven't heard of these, just trust me that they're awesome and go watch them). PS, spoilers may occur. In no order, be prepared for....

#1. Pretty In Pink

This is probably my favorite John Hughes production, so I guess you could say that this list IS in order after all.This whole concept has been done over and over before, but when you combine the 'poor-girl-rich-guy' complex with John Hughes, you get something blindingly awesome. Then, if that wasn't enough, you add her flamboyant-yet-still-straight cooky bosom friend Ducky that oozes originality and unrequited love for Molly Ringwald's character, and also the slightly-insane record store owner who seems to be permanently stuck in the sugary-sweet bubble gum era of the sixties. Who else would have thought up all these seemingly different characters and combine them to create one great movie. It's both sweet, yet filled with relatable angst that doesn't seem at all patronizing, sprinkled with charming outsider snark and charming wit, a happy ending being the cherry on top. Even Blane's douche best friend worms his way into your heart, even if he's 'technically' the bad guy. Though, more technically, there IS no bad guy; the 'bad guy' is just the stereotypes and cliques that lays so heavily on high schoolers. All of Hughes' movies focus on cliques in high school, but I feel like this one really makes people believe that cliques are only as strong as the power you give them. The fact that Blane, despite the teasing and hatred he may garner, and Andie, despite the respect she may lose from her misfit-and-proud friends, fall hopelessly and optimistically in love speaks to the inner rebels in us all. YOU GO, JOHN HUGHES.

#2. Some Kind of Wonderful


Keith has to be the greatest Moron of the eighties, but you can't help but love him. This, too, is an age-old conept (guy falls in love with popular girl, guy's best friend secretly loves him from the  sidelines), but I love it, not because it stood out (even though it did), but because it single-handedly CREATED that concept. And Watts, the tomboy of a generation, is probably my greatest idol. She is obsessed with her drums and her music, chops her hair into the iconic bleached-blond pixie, gives excellent advice to her only friend Keith, is never seen without her red leather fingerless gloves, and is whole-heartedly in love with said friend. Talk about dynamic and continually breaking stereotypes! And, unlike other storylines like this, the popular girl (Amanda) isn't all she appears to be. Abused by her previous boyfriend, she is fragile and troubled, and ends up loving Keith enough to let him go. I actually adore her just as much as Watts, and even though you totally root for Watts to end up with Keith, you mourn for Amanda's lot in life and root for her to have her own happily ever after. Not quite a love triangle, but this is what all love triangles should be like. Filled with angst and real romance, this is a must-see.

#3. The Breakfast Club

Probably one of the most iconic movies of all time, I could watch the Breakfast Club a million times and find something new and meaningful in between the lines. It has so much more to do with than just high school, and addresses so many big issues, like the effects of abuse on a child (the Rebel), the effects of being pushed too much (the Althete and the Brain), the effects of divorce on a child (the Princess), and the effects of being ignored (the Basket Case). Suicide, depression, peer pressure, and more, are also elements of this surprisingly light-but-heavy drama/comedy. It also shows that, sometimes, breaking the rules is good. Great even. Everyone takes a chance in this movie, and in some cases, they take chances on each other ( Rebel~Princess, Athlete~Basket Case), which results in a dynamic mix of drama, black comedy, and sweet romances that you just KNOW will survive.

#4. Uncle Buck

Let us take a break from the more heavier movies, and move on to MY FAVORITE COMEDIES OF ALL FREAKIN' TIME, starting with my favorite fictional uncle, Buck. This is a wholly unconventional and wholly entertaining movie about an unemployed guy who makes a living by betting on rigged horse races,with an ancient Cadillac to his name, who must take care of his yuppie brother Bob's kids for a week or two. Only problem? EVERYTHING. He can't even take care of himself. I love this movie not only for the plot, but also for the main message from an issue: if you're ashamed of someone 'lesser' than you, do you just.....ignore them like trash? One of the most classic moments history comes from this movie, when Buck threatens the eldest, Tia, who is a basically a b*tch throughout the whole movie:

  Buck: [is trying to make Tia go out bowling with him and the other kids] We've done the battle of the wills. The deck's stacked in my favor. You're just gonna lose again.
Tia: Try me.
Buck: How would you like to spend the next several nights wondering if your crazy, out-of-work, bum uncle will shave your head while you sleep? See you in the car, sweetie!

God, I love Buck.

#5. Mr. Mom

Ah, Michael Keaton. My first real crush besides Barney. I love this movie not only because it's hilarious, but because it adresses the issue of what happens when a husband and wife switch their 'normal' gender roles. Keaton (Jack Butler), recently unemployed, has to become the house-husband while his wife quickly jumps up the Working World ladder. While completely light, it has a deeper meaning of support, and what happens when someone developes a high from being a total workaholic and misses all the biggest milestones of her kids' lives.

 Caroline: I know you're overwhelmed.....Hey, where are you going?
Jack Butler: [while eating a slice of pizza] I'm going to sleep on the FAT couch, if I can fit through the door! Don't look at me like that, I know you're disgusted! I don't need this!

God, I love Jack Butler/Michael Keaton.

Almost as much as I love John Hughes.

 - Pretty in Pink

 - Uncle Buck

- Mr. Mom

 - Some Kind of Wonderful

- Breakfast Club


- RIP John Hughes ^~^


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