Saturday, December 1, 2012

Why I hate "Lol" and "Yolo"

As you all know, I am wont to follow society standards, such as using the word 'literally' improperly and ending ill-thought-out statements with 'YOLO'. However, calling me pretentious isn't all that accurate; I like doing stuff popular kids do too. And laugh. Haha! However (I keep using that world a lot [well, twice], but I'm too lazy to open a second window and got onto, so.....), there are two main things I will simply not do, pretentious or not. I will not use Lol, nor say Yolo.

It just drives me insane; why can't people be more original? Sure, I was at peace with people saying it at first, then people started doing these crazy things like tattooing it all over themselves, or rubbing their naked body all over the Macy's counter whilst yelling "Yolo!". It's getting to be a public hazard. Pretty soon, you're going to see this headline:

So, logically, we should just nip this in the butt and stop the madness before it escalates into the full-blown Armageddon.
But it isn't just the publis safety I'm concerned over; it's the well-being of my sanity. IT. IS. JUST. SO. IRRITATING. I don't even like it when people jokingly say it. But please don't feel bad if you DO say it *sudden guilt tsunami*, just be warned that there are people out there such as me that both hate YOLO, and are also in the throes of violent PMS. This mix does not bode well for your future physical and mental well-being, my friend. Usually, I can control it, so just a minor eye-twitch occurs and I think:

But now it's different.

As for 'Lol', I mainly help it because I'm always that pronounces it as a word instead of pronouncing each letter individually. And then I hate myself.


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