Thursday, October 25, 2012

An ode to forgetfulness (and evil fluffy things)


 (pardon my french)

Every single time I think of something beast to write about it, my brain is all "lolnope you're going to forget this before you can write it down!" So I had to come up with this crappy post as a tide-over until I can actually remember things. I can recall some floating fragments, however:

  • Something about forced school spirit making me want to go bury myself in a hole.
  • Something along the lines of me being incredibly sexy became I am so freakin' symmetrical.
  • My self-diagnosis of like ten made-up diseases that made SO MUCH sense at the time.
  • My hatred of people things.......
  • My hatred of those spicy chicken things at school. THEY MADE ME WEEP WITH PAIN.
  • Something negative about rap music.
  • Something about hating myself because I did a thing that I can't even remember was a thing.
  • My wrists being disproportionately tiny compared to the rest of my person.
  • Something about panHOLY CRAP I REMEMBER!!!!!
So, I was thinking about how a panda can get so fat on little bamboo sticks. I mean, the amount of sustenance you would receive from nomming a STICK cannot equal fat mammal. Scientifically, it doesn't add up. In a world were I thought the government was out to get me (AKA this one.) I would say that it is a complex plot to get us to think that pandas are, in fact, herbivores so that they can have those cute little rolley-polleys turn on us when we least expect it in a vicious, violent Armageddon of bloodthirsty-pandas.

Panda Evil

^ seems legit.

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