Monday, September 24, 2012

Things I didn't know (watch out, it's long)

  • Apparently, you CAN, in fact, take knitting needles with you on an airplane. From a citizen standpoint, I deem it unsafe and a bit worrisome, but as a knitter, I can equally defend myself via MY needles. We shall have an epic duel, the clack of wooden needles the only clue to our violent struggle. ( i realize the last bit made no sense)

  • The nasty smell of pennies is, in actually, not restricted to just pennies. Other metals can smell gross too. I was all like "OH GOD NO."

  • When left to myself, I am not as mature as everyone thought. I KNOW RIGHT. IT'S CRAZY.

  • There really IS a study of colors. It's called chromatology. I can just imagine the tests: Which of these colors best represents tranquility and peace? Hint: It's not what you think.

  • There ARE single people in Paris. They exist. But are very rare, like albino panthers.

  • People can shave their faces without arms. I know I couldn't, I would slice my jugular in eight places before realizing that I should just let a beard grow.

  •  Then I remembered that I am a woman.

  • Kangaroos can't jump backwards. Learned that from watching Daniel Tosh. He's like a Snapple.

  • Plants need water even after school starts. Realized this just now as I looked outside and saw a half-dead plant on the deck that I was supposed to water O_O

  • I could easily become Amish.

  • Whenever I smirk for the camera, I don't look cute and slightly angsty. I look like a minion of Satan.

  • There is a good chance of me becoming asexual in the future. I always knew, subconsiously.

  • I can Indian dance surprisingly well, all things considered.

  • I have never used at least half of the features available on this site.

  • I have never went into a haunted house. And when other people do, and I wait patiently outside, all I think is "Suckers..."

  • If I were to get a parrot or a galapagos turtle right now, and it was the same age as me, it would live longer than I would.

  • Whenever I make plans for the future, I always add an "Now, if I become immortal, then...." option, just in case.

  • Cucumbers are scientifically classified as fruits.

  • Birds are the only organisms in the world that have feathers. I know, 'duhh', but I never really THOUGHT about it.

  • Sheen from Jimmy Neutron is possibly fashioned as a child version of Charlie Sheen.

  • A lot of the people from Jimmy Neutron have scientific names (Cindy Vortex, James Isaac 'Jimmy' Neutron, Jet Fusion, etc.)

  • Cosmo from Fairly Odd Parents really is retarded

  • Tweety is a boy.

  • In the rhyme Humpty Dumpty, they NEVER mention that he's an egg.

  • The Pringles guy and the Monopoly man are the same person.

  • Cookie Monster's real name is Sid.


This was your face the whole time for that last bit:

ps: The answer was Blue. Oh, was that what you thought? I guess you're a chromatologist.

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