Saturday, September 8, 2012

No favorite color = big dilemma/death

One of the biggest and longest-struggling decisions I have ever had to make is picking my favorite color. When I was little, it was a pair: Purple and Pink. Then I decided that that was lame, so I changed to Green and Blue. Then I realized a lot of aquariums had that as their theme colors, so I just couldn't deal with that, so I converted to Pink and Blue. Then I realized that that was for babies, so I switched to Pink and Green. But then I started to hate watermelon, so it became just Blue. But then my mom revealed her favorite color to be blue too and painted EVERYTHING IN OUR HOUSE Blue, so I started to hate Blue. Then I went neutral for a time, but I just felt empty inside without knowing my favorite color. So I just picked the color Blue out again on a whim. But then I started to sort of cheat on Blue by briefly entertaining the idea of White, Red, Purple, Black, or Grey being my favorite color, but I just felt dirty and guilty doing THAT, so I broke up with Blue and have been single since. Whenever someone asks me their favorite color, I just either say Rainbow or Light Blue (my automatic response from so many horrific Blue Eras. Blue = my abusive color that I keep going back to because I don't know any other way). But now, I'm ready to finally commit. However, it's a huge decision that I'm not sure how to deal with. I don't want to be fickle anymore; I want to be a sturdy and loyal girl with an equally loyal and perfectly matched color. I still haven't decided. Perhaps I will be a color spinster for the rest of my life, forever on the outskirts of society, watching in wretched envy at all those Other People with their good Color Companion. But not me. No. Not unless I can finally bring myself to fully commit to a color and stick with it through thick and thin.

 Burgundy is pretty nice.

And so it pretty and classy....

Then there's Purple, obviously.... I have a lot of Purple things....

Oh and of course there's Olive green......exceedingly chic and elegant....


And question: Do you have to have a lot of that color in your wardrobe in order to have it as your favorite color? I used to consider Yellow, but Yellow looks just awful with my hair color, so I only have like two Yellow shirts. And I look so odd and weird when I wear Olive green, so I rarely wear those.

Look at all these people, loving their colors with such happiness. I despise them.
I bet that chick is just SO sure of herself. I hate her.
Must be nice to love one color so much, Barbie. I hate you also.
Congratulations. I am sure your parents are so proud.

That show-off probably had the easiest time picking out here wedding colors. *Female dog*. That's why your getting married, itsn't it? Your future husband loves your decision-making skills.
Your dress is too white. You should be ashamed. 



My life. It will be so.


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