Sunday, September 30, 2012

Blog post that is just an excuse to put up adorable animal pictures.

So, as you probably know, about %90 percent of the time, I use animal pictures to deplict myself and my majestical life. Why do I do this instead of using actual people? For one, it's extremely hard to find someone that actually looks like me that also is both adorable and full of expression. And I sure as leep ain't going to put actual pictures of myself because it is just such a hassle taking pictures of myself awkwardly for each situation then uploading it and just all this unneccesary crap (plus I take unflattering pictures). For some reason, I just see more of myself in non-humans, and I feel as though other people agree with me though they won't admit it (cowards).
I mean, really. Do I look more like this chick (does the bobby pin right in the middle of her hair also bother you??) :

Or this legit chick:

There is little to no competition. And I find to specifically identify to owls and pugs. I just do. Can't you see me looking like this and doing these things?:

 ^ Awkward space.
Anyways, I now pose this question unto you: Am i the only one who thinks dog feet are the most adorable things ever? EVER.

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