Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's late and I'm lonely...and I don't know who Pete is.

Yes, so, it's pretty late at night and I have no business writing a post after the sun goes down, but I just have this addiction to breaking the rules I set for myself. So here I am, looking like one of those crazy gamer addicts with potato chips in their greasy hair and a constant twitch in one of their bloodshot eyes. Only, I've just been doing lame stuff like stalking my own emails and staring at the New Tab window wondering what I should do next, instead of slaughtering people on COD or Gears of War. The only thing keeping me going is listening to "Electric Daisy Violin" by Lindsey Stirling to make me perpetually pumped. Then I thought "I SHOULD TOTALLY MAKE A POST ABOUT THIS ON MY NEGLECTED BLOG", so here I am.

And let me just say, listening to music really changes your personality. I read an article (well, part of it before I got distracted), and it said that 'making yourself sad is a shuffle click away', and I was like "pssshhh, that is a load of crap". But it's quite true. I was listening to the soundtrack from Slumdog Millionaire, and I literally forgot that I didn't live in the slums of India. Next I listened to ''Joan'' by Heather Dale, and next thing I know, I'm thisclose to going out, dressed in chainmail and a freakin' helmet, and chanting about me being a 'scythe in a field of briars', and 'sifting out the righteous like grain from a straw'. (great song however; look it up).

I should write more and not be irresponsible, but hey, I'm only 15, what do you expect??? I still sleep with stuffed animals and listen to the Aristocats soundtrack, for Pete's sake.

PS: Who is Pete?????

PPS: I'm suddenly into falconry. Because of this song right here that I haven't even finished listening to.

PPPS: I have 'background color' turned off, and I can't turn it off. I am frustrated.

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