Thursday, July 5, 2012

I have no reason to live, not even on Independence day.

As you probably know, it was fourth of July yesterday. So, in preparation of that day I have been preparing LIKE AN ORGANIZED PERSON. I was going to put on makeup, put on my prettiest dress, wear my pretty shoes. Everything was down to a science. And when the day came around, I got all decked out to exercise in my fancy-shmancy workout gear, and ended up being gone the whole day because after the gym we had to do a bunch of this other crap. But I still comforted myself on the fact that when I got home that I would go upstairs and get all prettied up for the fireworks downtown.


By the time we arrived home, I has such a throbbing migraine that I wanted to die. DIE. I was so looking forward to dressing up too. So while I wanted to look like this:

I ended up looking like this:

but while I was there on the sidewalk waiting for  the fireworks to go off, I found out that my best friend was in the parking lot across from me, so we were all like "THE COINCIDENCE IS KILLING US" and then we did a little spazzy dance when we saw each other across the street (there were some hardcore, slow-motion, serendipitous moments going on as she ran dramatically across the street and I flung my arms wide to accept her love). So while she was there, visiting me in my decrepit state, I was like this:

but then she left to go be with her family so I was like this:

But then my mom bought me new skincare products, so I got happy. Still had a horrid, mind-bleeding headache. BUT THAT'S OKAY BECAUSE I GOT ORGANIC SKINCARE PRODUCTS. THEY MAKE THE WORLD GO 'ROUND. Now isn't that a happy ending? Yes, it is.

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