Friday, July 27, 2012

Everything can be solved with math.

I usually don't post two posts within 24 hours, but I really have the creative/blithering juices flowing, and I don't want to waste them on just sitting here. I stayed up till 1:30am last night, which is really unusual for me, surfing youtube. I stumbled onto auditions for those singing shows like X Factor or American Idol, and I just became entranced. When I stumbled onto the audition for that one dude Harry Styles, I was surprised that he wasn't good. I have no idea how he made it. So I looked up all the others, and they sucked too. So I figured this could be solved with a math equation, because that, at the time, seemed a reall legit solution to how One Direction became famous:

  • a negative x a negative = a positive (so thats two, and there are....five of them? yes, five.)
  • a positive x a negative = a negative (so thats three...I think. I don't really understand my thought process at 1:30am in the daylight)
  • a negative x a negative = a postitive (so....that is four.)
  • a postitive x a negative = a negative. (making that five.)
So, this means something. Or, to be more specific, it meant something to a sleep-deprived maniac. I'm scanning the equation, and I think it means that they still aren't good. I was hoping that it would all equal a positive, and that would mean that when they're all together all those negatives equal something good, but then if.......why would they be multiplied? Wouldn't they just be added? then it would just be negative + negative + negative = bigger negative.

*sudden realization*


THAT IS the equation!!!!   negative + negative + negative + negative + negative = bigger negative! It isn't the BAND itself that makes it good, it's the public that receives it!

But then again, it could be that they defied the equation by working on themselves to make themselves all positives between the time that they auditioned and the time they formed the band by adding a positive variable (vocal training, I suppose) that was greater than they're current negative variable.  -b < +t  (b = boy, t = training) So the equation to their success would be:

bt + bt + bt +bt + bt = SUCCESS.

.....................................................I could market this.

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