Sunday, July 29, 2012

DIY: Refreshing Mish-Mash Mask

As you probably already know, I am really into the whole organic thing, I really am. Organic shampoo, organic face products, just organic crap every which way. And I love making organic beauty products, such as my own scrubs ( I will give you the link to the facial scrub video) and my own facial masks. See, I am a huge fan of facial masks! They keep my skin super soft and flawless (aka shrinking my pores, drying up any blemishes, and destroying bacteria that cause said blemishes), and I don't have to worry about any harsh chemicals because I made it with natural ingredients ( would add "Out of my own garden" but let's face it, I have a black thumb. Plus flour is SUPER hard to make O.O). My favorite is one of my own concoction that I created when I was looking up new masks to try. I couldn't find anything really awesome, then I thought "What if I added ALL my favorite ingredients of a mask to create one MEGA MASK!!!!" But I just named it the.......Drum roll, please.....

 REFRESHING MISH-MASH MASK!!! (try saying that three times fast.)

The reason I call it 'mish-mash' is because it has a crapload of different ingredients that make a quite disgusting-looking paste, but hey, I've been using it for awhile and it works wonders! (If you lack any of these ingredients, well, you know what to buy next grocery trip *wink face*)

  • Avocado. This is important because it adds natural, NOT GREASY, oils to your face that moisturize deep down without adding any extra shine to your face. You get the best of both worlds. I recommend using one half of the avocado for this recipe. The rest of the ingredients, you will just be using as much as your judgment thinks is enough (everyone is different, but you are aiming for a thick and paste-like texture). Smash the avocado till it's smooth.
  • Milk. This is also a very moisturizing ingredient that lightens/soothes any reddish, flushed, or raw spots on your face. (use about a half-tablespoon of this, or as much as you think)
  • Green Tea. You will be just taking a simple Lipton: Pure Green Tea tea bag, brew it as usual, then after it has steeped and your have brewed your tea, take the tea bag that you would usually throw away, cut open the bottom of the bag, and empty the contents into your mixture. Then take a teaspoon of the actual tea and pour it into the mixture also. See, Green tea benefits our health and our skin by drinking it and applying it to our skin! It is naturally high in antioxidants which protects skin from free radicals, and it is clinically proven to protect, improve, and repair skin. It can be used to clear acne, soothe dry skin, or control oil, and makes your skin happy and delightfully healthy! 
  • Wheat flour. Wheat flour contains vitamin E, which is an antioxidant that protects the skin. It gently removes sluggish/dead skin cells without rubbing or anything irritating like that, and ALSO helps to reduce redness. (NOTE: put this in last, because this is the thing that will really thicken up the mixture from all the liquids you have added XD. So basically, add this stuff till you achieve the past texture you want, and no more).
  • Lemon juice. This is rich in vitamin C, and is great for people with acne issues because it dries up oil, works at dirt, and is antibacterial so it kills germs! But since I don't really have a big issue with acne, I basically use it for it's natural skin brightening properties and it's ability to lessen the appearence of scars (yes, I have some scars on my face. Yes, it is awkward.)
Put this mask on your face (in case you were getting ideas to put it on the ceiling or something..), then sit and relax for about fifteen minutes. I like to take a paper plate and fan myself to get the full-on 'refreshed' feel. It was refreshing enough before, but with the fan it's like REFRESH. Anyways, once it's done, you rinse it off fully, and voila! Beautiful skin!!!!!

This is what it should look like (I had already applied it, so that's why it looks almost empty..)

And this is what YOU should look like. Rawr I am a monster (who looks startled...)!!!!!!!:

And this is what your skin should look like afterwards:

*Giggle* I'm preeeeeeettttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

PS: This is the video to the facial scrub, by the way:

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