Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Awkward and Embarrassing Call for Followers (and also, how much I hate wallpaper, AND also me blathering about a movie)

I have noticed an awkward lack of followers. And unlike reality, followers are a good thing in the world of blogging. Without followers in the blog world, you are the over-cooked noodle stuck to the bottom pan that chefs just scrap into the trash can. You are nothing. You are less than nothing.
See how depressing that is?!?!? According to my little tracker-thingy, over four hundred people have viewed my page in the last few months. Four hundred. WHERE ARE YOU PEOPLE, THEN???? WHY HAVE YOU NOT STARTED FOLLOWING ME ONLINE?? IF THAT ISN'T POSSIBLE, THEN FOLLOW ME IN REAL LIFE. I DON'T CARE. HAVING A STALKER IS SUPER-FLATTERING. So, yeah, that was my awkward summoning for people to start following me. In any way. But let it be known that I can easily carry pepper-spray. Or a gun *menacing glare*.

My menacing glare:

Now, on to more important, pressing matters. Such as!! Wallpaper. I hate wallpaper. Not exactly the appearance of wallpaper or the convenience of it, but the entire attitude of wallpaper. the name doesn't even make sense. 'Wallpaper'. Paper is thin. Even the thickest of paper does not compare to the burlap-like thickness of wallpaper. And it just seems so snobby. Think about it! Paint was doing JUST FINE brightening up a room, and then the Chinese court official Ts'ai Lun waltzed on in with his obnoxious, fancy paper and was all "Let us use this over-rated paper instead of classic paint to cover our bare walls!" I just think that if wallpaper wasn't so freakin' pretty, I would ban it from the house. is pretty beautiful.....DARN YOU, WALLPAPER!! YOU HAVE BRAINWASHED ME!

---- equals---------

PS: the devil pictured above isn't actually a devil. I think. No, wait, yes he is. He was from the cult classic movie 'Legend' with Tim Currey (playing said devil) and Tom Cruise before he recovered from puberty and hadn't yet fixed his teeth (playing some kind of imp...human...fairy....elf....unicorn-loving dude-thing named Jack), and is actually pretty popular. Right along with his famous demon henchmen Blix:

And this movie is SO AWESOME. It almost gives me a headache with its awesomeness. And a song was written for it that, though popular, isn't on iTunes for some odd reason:

And one other thing that I simply love about this movie is it's underlying tone. It really gives you the chills. One of the most influential parts of this movie is where Lili is imprisoned by the devil and he tries to tempt her with darkness personified and greed, this scene being rightfully dubbed "Proposal of Darkness"


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