Sunday, June 17, 2012

Why Do I Torture Myself So?

I have been on and for the last hour and a half. The only thing i can afford on either sight is a sticker sheet, or a pin. Or, let me re-phrase, i COULD afford a dress from Modcloth or a hat from Shanalogic, but i would destroy my wallet AND my miserly heart by doing so.

I don't understand it!! When i read other people's blogs (weird, indie, vegan, vintage blogs. Because that's just how i roll) they will say something like "Treated myself to ten new dresses from Modcloth!" and I'm all like " . . . . . . WHAT DO YOU DO THAT YOU CAN AFFORD THIS?!?!?"

It's a sad, volatile process that i go through:
  1. Get online, go onto modcloth/shanalogic, all pumped to be alive and have hair. YAY!!
  2. *fifteen minutes later* slightly less pumped as i look at all the cool stuff that i will never have.
  3. *hour later* trying to keep myself from weeping.
  4. *hour and a half later* blog about my sadness. (you have no clue how many posts similar to this there are in my drafts)
  5. Begin ranting angrily, dragging my dad into the rant, pointing to each item loudly like "Excuse me: What is this shizbit right here?!?!?!"
  6. Now extremely depressing, will drag myself to the fridge to scavenge for food and chocolate like a common homeless individual.
  7. Sit on couch in a ball of shame and worthlessness, eating messily, controlling the remote with tyrannous intent, while my dad just sighs and knuckles under.
  8. Watched "bridezillas" and feels better.
  9. Gets pumped about life and having glorious hair.
  10. Repeat.
If it wasn't for my "EVERYTHING IS MAGICAL" syndrome, i would be too sad to write. I would just lay on the floor while my family just walks around me. Sometimes my doggie Chloe will lay on me (actually, now that i think about it, she almost ALWAYS lays on me.....weird....).

I feel like I should write more, because what i have right now seems inadequate, and my current topic has been milked for all it's worth. So, RANDOM CHANGE OF SUBJECT. I just got a new book called "Austentatious" by Alyssa Goodnight ( I envy her last name so much..). And.....yeah, i didn't think this through. I was going to write it's summary, but it's wayyyyyyy too long for my liking, so here's the link to the book on her website. Don't go too crazy:

And now, some pictures to make this post seem longer.

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  1. I went to and notice they have gift certificates. Well, now I know what to get you for your birthday!
    The rest of this post is gold. Your list is hilarious. And have I ever mentioned to you HOW MUCH I am in love with dinosaurs, and elephants are my favorite animal? I'm just saying.