Monday, June 18, 2012

Pine Martens. They Will Make You A Better Person.

As a unique individual, I like to believe that I do not identify with the masses. This, if I were to be honest, is not wholly true. I fantasize about Jude Law just like every other girl (oh, this isn't a normal aspect?? Then forget that), and I plan about naming my future children. However, in all fairness, the way I do it is a little unusual.
 I have a little list. That I re-create every year. Then, at the end of the year, I narrow it down to the top ten names (just ten, because I never factor in boys, for the reason that I hate boy names. I suppose I will cross that bridge when I come to it) then stash the list away somewhere like a demented humanoid squirrel. And also akin to a squirrel, I forget where I stashed it, and have to make a new one. Every year I do this. And yet I never get tired of doing so.

So anyways, I was online, and an advertisement for Olive Garden popped up in the middle of the screen (how positively annoying) and it had tiramisu on it. So I thought "hmm...kinda like 'Tera Sue'!"

But it's not what you think. SURPRISE ENDING AHEAD!! HOLD ON TO YOUR SAFARI HATS, PEOPLE!!!  I want to name my ANIMALS those names. You see, I settled on a name for an actual kid long ago (Penelope. I would call her "Lopey" for short *sighs fondly*), so this whole process I use is to figure out my future pets' names.
  •  'Perdita' for my goose.
  • 'Tera Sue' for my pine marten.
  • 'Reginald', 'Bodger', and 'McDuff' for my scottie dogs.
  • 'Cat' for my mouse.
  • 'Jane' for my old english sheepdog.
  • 'Henrietta' for my chicken.
  • 'Hamlet' and 'Leonardo' for my teacup pigs.
  • 'Gollum', 'Zelda', 'Link', 'Lucille' and 'Ethel' for my cats.
  • 'Professor Plant-Eater' for my turtle.
  • 'Baby' for my dragon.

You will never be this happy ^

Pine Marten, in case anyone was wondering ^

*weeps from cuteness* ^


  1. 1. Thank you for the picture of the pine marten. Because I WAS wondering. And I was going to ask.
    2. I want an old English sheepdog sooo bad.
    3. Your names are epic.

    1. The Pine Marten is one of my favorite animals. Aren't they soooo cute?? And thank you, it's a very nice plan, I think ;D