Friday, June 29, 2012

My face. I love it so.

I love my face. I really, really do. Therefore, I baby and care for said face more so than, say, a real baby (just kidding, just kidding....perhaps...). I use masks, drink green tea, mix green tea into almost everything I put onto my face, never wear makeup so as to let my face breathe, etc. :D Really, it's weird how much I'm into keeping my face healthy. But for the LONGEST time, I have been relying on Youtube videos and a " couldn't hurt to put this on my face....." attitude. Basically, just trouble-shooting. BUT!!! Recently, my skin has begun to worsen (just slightly, enough for me to panic) so, I decided it was time to hunt down a rock-solid beauty advice temple of sorts, for me to rely on in these trying times.

I googled my little heart out.

And I found exactly what I was looking for!!! A wonderful, purely organic site (organic = upmost importance) that has tons of advice for me! It even has a post on how to incorporate green tea into my life more. And also has wonderful advice about hair for people like me who never use heat or really anything harmful, such as gel which can dry hair out immensely. It's perfect!! And it's run by this lovely woman from Singapore full of Asian beauty secrets, and Asia is known for their beautiful complexions and downright adorable-ness! Visit it down below:

And also in my searches, I came across this wonderful vintage and quirky fashion ('quirky' and 'vintage' being the key words here) blog, that I just find to be awesome! And it not only has outfit ideas, but also hilarious little stories, advice on various other things such as vintage movie selection and decorating small spaces, and wonderful recipes to try (such as pink lemonade cupcakes!) You simply MUST check it out:

But, I'm not totally relying on Vivawoman. I still can't give up some of my favorite beauty gurus, such as Bubzbeauty (my personal favourite) and MichellePhan (my best friend's personal favourite!). They offer great advice on hair, beauty, and makeup (yes, even people who don't wear makeup much still watch makeup videos. Strange, I know, but hey, they're VERY funny to watch!!). And in addition to having very popular channels on youtube (you can just search their screen names to locate them) they also have equally successful websites (Bubzbeauty even has a line of clothing and organic, gentle makeup brushes) that i will link below. Look, clicky-linky-thingies!!!!!:

PS: Notice how I spelled 'favorite' the British way. Yeah, I'm that amazing and worldly.

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