Monday, June 11, 2012

I do not do hiking.

A few days ago, by uncle tried to get me to become more active outside (and apparently reading outsdie doesn't count) so he had me go with him on his daily walk at Sunset Park. I would have been okay with that, I think, only he walked SO FAST. And being the lady ( or fool) that I am, I insisted on wearing a skirt and ballet flats. My words: "a lady should be able to do everything a man can, but doing so fashionably" What was I thinking? My feet are paying. But it all bounces out because i remembered to bring my ipod/camera with me, and got some great pictures!!
A view of the river :)

Wall that i feel is infinitely charming!

i was trying to get a shot of a bird, but it didn't show :( still happily pretty though!

if i had been alone, i would have psyched myself out senseless.



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