Saturday, June 16, 2012


Lately, I've begun to see everything as magical. Maybe it's the insanity finally catching up to me, maybe it's the reclusivness, maybe it's the lack of Dr. Seuss PJs, or maybe it's the PMS. I don't know, all i know is that the world is so MAGICAL NOW. It really makes a person feel alive. Where most people see this:

I see this:

And I think even my face has been more magical as of late. Not that it wasn't always magical *wave of arrogance* but it seems extra-magical now. Like my eyes are windows into The Candy Kingdom, and my skin looks like a rainbow, only cracker-colored. And DO NOT get me started on my eyebrows. Just do not. And my feet look like sunshine personified. If it were socially accepted (no, not "accepted".  I don't care if it's accepted. more like "allowed") i would walk around in a white top hat and fairy wings. But alas, i cannot.

Maybe my magical view is because last week, i had a really bad headache. So my mom, being the awesome mom that she is, went out and bought me all these colorful balloons to make me feel better, because oh how i love balloons. And recently, someone cut them all loose, so now they just randomly drift about on the ceiling, being their epic balloon selves. So i'll just be walking about like "la la la la la . . . *spots balloon* COLORS FLOATING COLORS OOOOOHHHH MAGICAL MAGIC MAGIC MAGIC!!" (Yes, my thought pattern DOES sound like that.)

I forgot i was hungry, so i'm going to stop typing and looking like Gollum all hunched over now, and eat a hot dog. Bye.

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