Friday, June 8, 2012

Built-up Rant/Rave, part 2 ( I remembered!)

NEXT PART. So, I also had to talk about this singer that I discovered via an awesome friend (who is a wiccan, which makes me feel deliciously accepted and comforted for some reason. She's fantastic.), and I cannot stop listening to her. She reminds me of the band Ludo (Hello, my little ninja out there!), though I have no idea why. I dislike their music, and this singer has absolutely nothing to do with Ludo, more of a Mindy Gledhill/Lenka/The Notwist/ LOREENA MCKENNITT ( i made her name big because she reminds me of her most of all) kind of singer. So, have no clue about the whole Ludo thing, but I can't explain my mind, so whatever. What was I talking about?? Oh yeah! Her name is S. J. Tucker.

And I love her music! Apparently, she WAS part of this band called 'Skinny White Chick', but them she went solo. And on her Wikipedia page (I am probably the only girl who a) trusts Wikipedia, and b) stalks singers) it really makes it clear that she is bisexual. They're all  " . . . and when she went solo BISEXUAL she really became a success BISEXUAL in the music industry BISEXUAL BISEXUAL BISEXUAL." Okay, it's not that bad. Actually, they only mention it, like, once or twice, but they way they lay it's just weird. S'like, "Recorded for many subsequent years. Tucker, who identifies as bisexual . . ." so you're like "lalalalala reading lalalala SUDDEN CHANGE OF SUBJECT CANNOT UNDERSTAND."
But anyways, I LOVE THIS CHICKADEE. I went onto the local library's website and suggested it for purchase, and in the little comment box where i usually just type and encouraging and friendly smiley face :), i put "If you do not do this, i shall surely perish from this Earth." And waited for them to contact be back either with good news about buying one of her CD's, or a psych hospital brochure. I got good news!!! (and a brochure. Just kidding, they don't give a frog fart).
Now, go, my children, we must part ways. i shall go stalk her website, and you shall look up "S. J. Tucker Cheshire Kitten" on


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  1. I'm laughing so hard. It's always important to note people's sexual identification multiple times - I mean, what if you missed it?!?! And by the way, I stalk singers on Wikipedia constantly. We are kindred spirits.