Friday, June 8, 2012

Built-up rant/rave, part 1

Hello. So, speaking of Asians (if you don't know what I'm talking about, go sit in a corner and read my last post) I have been reading this book called Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. It's about these two girls that go through all this flibbertigibbets together, especially foot binding. So I decided to would go online and look up a picture of feet that had been binded in this traditional way. OH MY GOD MISTAKE. Look at this:

               See how she's pointing (wow, noticed that wierd skin-tone difference there..) at that funky looking crease there? That part is supposed to be sexy. And notice the poor toes that have been bent UNDERNEATH the foot. Get this: her feet are large. They are supposed to be seven centimeters long (about the length of a thumb).
               See, the way they described it in the books, all "golden lilies" and "perfect like a lotus", I was expecting something a bit...different. You know? I felt like it was false advertising on the writer's part. I bet the entire goal of that book was so fools like me would go online in their nosiness, and end up being blinded by that not-pain pain. You know what I'm talking about, where you see something really horrific (like watching a gory movie) and flinching like you were feeling the pain they were feeling like it was your own. I. Do. Not. Like. That. Feeling. I feel like since I take such care to create this little bubble of rainbows and *insert antonym of disease and famine and discomfort here*, that I shouldn't have that all wrecked just because I read a book. A BOOK.
              So basically, I felt pain (even if it was not-pain pain) by avoiding pain in the form of being a bookworm. There is irony in that somewhere, but I'm too traumatized to really pick it out for you and serve it on a silver platter for your enjoyment. And since I have more to say, but it is completely un-related to this, I am going to go all taboo and write another blog post right after I publish this one. But it's okay, for I added "Part 1" to the end of this post title, and here's to hoping that i remember to add "Part 2" to the end of the next one.

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