Monday, June 25, 2012

".......Better bring it, just in case."

Will not be able to post for a week or so because I'm being forced to go camping. Okay, that is kind of an exaggeration because I agreed to go, but it's SUCH a trial of my delicate self. You see, I am so high maintenance that it isn't really all that funny. Not in the sense that I wear makeup (I stopped because, well, why put a bumper sticker on a VMW Bug??? They're adorable already), but I do facials and take fish oil pills and do yoga and shower daily with fancy soaps and fancy lotions and just all this other fancy crap. So yeah, I'm trying to pack as much as I can, including my two different kinds of face moisturizers, my spot treatment, my green tea packets, my stuffed animals, like three boxes of tampons just in case, my sketchbook, two huge books just in case, an awesome special edition spy Archie comic from my bestie (anyone catch the Big Bang Theory reference there?? Anyone?), my satin sleep cap, my satin sleep mask that spent 20 bucks on, my fuzzy socks and special shea butter foot cream in case my feet feel a little on the rouch size, etc.

It really is tiring, packing. At least for me it is. And I still don't think you fully understand. 'Overpacking" doesn't cut what I do. Say we have to spend a weekend at my grandma's house. "Overpacking" means this:

I akin what I do to this guy right here:

Plus the suitcase above. Just in case. And if you want to immerse yourself more into my packing thought process, watch this right here:

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