Saturday, June 30, 2012

Oops, I'm only 15. My bad.

Sometimes, I completely freakin' forget that I'm fifteen years of age. When I'm all decked out in my fancy PJ's, my hair all sexy, drinkin' diet soda like a boss, reading awesome blogs, checking email and being responsible like that; That is when I stop being fifteen, and I begin being a single 20-something chick living in NYC and a VP to some legit magazine like Vogue or something.

I feel awesome.

I am untouchable in this state. Literally nothing can annoy me. Dad will be his normal self, and instead of this making me want to rip my hair out by the bloody roots, I'm just like:

And it's a great time. I sit straighter, I eat healthier, I feel flippin' epic ALL THE TIME. I seriously think I look like this:

But then something happens and I remember that I'm just this:

Then I'm like "Awwwww I'm still so adorable!!! Look at me, so awesome in my cuteness!!!"

So really, nothing bad ever comes out of this.
  1.  I lapse into my yet-undiagnosed psych disorder and become 20-something.
  2.  Feel awesome.
  3.  Realize I still sleep with stuffed animals and draw in coloring books and I am totally lovable and darling and precious.
  4.  Still feel awesome.
That is all. Now let this baby panda wave goodbye to you.

Friday, June 29, 2012

My face. I love it so.

I love my face. I really, really do. Therefore, I baby and care for said face more so than, say, a real baby (just kidding, just kidding....perhaps...). I use masks, drink green tea, mix green tea into almost everything I put onto my face, never wear makeup so as to let my face breathe, etc. :D Really, it's weird how much I'm into keeping my face healthy. But for the LONGEST time, I have been relying on Youtube videos and a " couldn't hurt to put this on my face....." attitude. Basically, just trouble-shooting. BUT!!! Recently, my skin has begun to worsen (just slightly, enough for me to panic) so, I decided it was time to hunt down a rock-solid beauty advice temple of sorts, for me to rely on in these trying times.

I googled my little heart out.

And I found exactly what I was looking for!!! A wonderful, purely organic site (organic = upmost importance) that has tons of advice for me! It even has a post on how to incorporate green tea into my life more. And also has wonderful advice about hair for people like me who never use heat or really anything harmful, such as gel which can dry hair out immensely. It's perfect!! And it's run by this lovely woman from Singapore full of Asian beauty secrets, and Asia is known for their beautiful complexions and downright adorable-ness! Visit it down below:

And also in my searches, I came across this wonderful vintage and quirky fashion ('quirky' and 'vintage' being the key words here) blog, that I just find to be awesome! And it not only has outfit ideas, but also hilarious little stories, advice on various other things such as vintage movie selection and decorating small spaces, and wonderful recipes to try (such as pink lemonade cupcakes!) You simply MUST check it out:

But, I'm not totally relying on Vivawoman. I still can't give up some of my favorite beauty gurus, such as Bubzbeauty (my personal favourite) and MichellePhan (my best friend's personal favourite!). They offer great advice on hair, beauty, and makeup (yes, even people who don't wear makeup much still watch makeup videos. Strange, I know, but hey, they're VERY funny to watch!!). And in addition to having very popular channels on youtube (you can just search their screen names to locate them) they also have equally successful websites (Bubzbeauty even has a line of clothing and organic, gentle makeup brushes) that i will link below. Look, clicky-linky-thingies!!!!!:

PS: Notice how I spelled 'favorite' the British way. Yeah, I'm that amazing and worldly.

Monday, June 25, 2012

".......Better bring it, just in case."

Will not be able to post for a week or so because I'm being forced to go camping. Okay, that is kind of an exaggeration because I agreed to go, but it's SUCH a trial of my delicate self. You see, I am so high maintenance that it isn't really all that funny. Not in the sense that I wear makeup (I stopped because, well, why put a bumper sticker on a VMW Bug??? They're adorable already), but I do facials and take fish oil pills and do yoga and shower daily with fancy soaps and fancy lotions and just all this other fancy crap. So yeah, I'm trying to pack as much as I can, including my two different kinds of face moisturizers, my spot treatment, my green tea packets, my stuffed animals, like three boxes of tampons just in case, my sketchbook, two huge books just in case, an awesome special edition spy Archie comic from my bestie (anyone catch the Big Bang Theory reference there?? Anyone?), my satin sleep cap, my satin sleep mask that spent 20 bucks on, my fuzzy socks and special shea butter foot cream in case my feet feel a little on the rouch size, etc.

It really is tiring, packing. At least for me it is. And I still don't think you fully understand. 'Overpacking" doesn't cut what I do. Say we have to spend a weekend at my grandma's house. "Overpacking" means this:

I akin what I do to this guy right here:

Plus the suitcase above. Just in case. And if you want to immerse yourself more into my packing thought process, watch this right here:

Saturday, June 23, 2012

My circle of trust. You most likely aren't in it.

Today, Mother and I are hosting a wedding shower for my dear cousin Derick (who will not be present. come on, showers are for girls!) and his lovely fiance Andrea (who will be present. Because she is a girl).

I am nervous.

I hate it when strangers (or even not strangers) come to my house, because I'm always suspicious of their motives. I don't know why, but I always feel like they're going to do something horrible, like plant a bomb or murder my cat or something. So I end up being the awkward, creepy, buggy-eyed host who sits on the couch, does her duty but doesn't quite extend the hand of friendship. I have deduced that for the most part (and people who come to my house that I do not know/barely know, this is for you) this is what it's all about:

It's very simple: You are an outsider. In my house. Planting bombs in my herb garden. Killing my cats.

So as you can probably figure out, this takes a toll on my sanity. By the end of every party/get-together at my house, my nerves are FRIED. After everyone is gone, I just look around in an exhausted state and wait for the bomb to go off/find Lucky dead in a corner somewhere. And i ESPECIALLY hate it when mom has something planned for after the party (like today, my aunt and cousins are to spend the night here) and I just look at her with disbelief and ever-so slight amusement, like "Do I look like I can handle more?"

One time, I just couldn't bear the ordeal of it all. First, party in which Lucky went missing and I almost had a brain aneurysm until I found him chilling in the basement. Then, we had to clean up, which I had NO energy for. Then we had to go visit her friend who just had a baby; let me just say that only is my most chipper state can I handle an infant. Otherwise I'm like:

Then, we had to go and pick up groceries. Mom kept asking me if I needed something from seemingly EVERY ISLE. I was just like "gkgsldkglrieosrggeglkkjljikfhe....." and then she would be like ".....What?" And then, when we were almost home, she asked me which radio station I wanted to listen to (a seemingly innocent question) and was just like:

I wouldn't come out of my room the next day until one in the afternoon, then I could face humans once more.

I cannot wait for the shower to begin, so I can be like Suspicious Lizard here:

Only, I know they either planted a blomb or killed my cat(s). I know this.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Monday, June 18, 2012

Pine Martens. They Will Make You A Better Person.

As a unique individual, I like to believe that I do not identify with the masses. This, if I were to be honest, is not wholly true. I fantasize about Jude Law just like every other girl (oh, this isn't a normal aspect?? Then forget that), and I plan about naming my future children. However, in all fairness, the way I do it is a little unusual.
 I have a little list. That I re-create every year. Then, at the end of the year, I narrow it down to the top ten names (just ten, because I never factor in boys, for the reason that I hate boy names. I suppose I will cross that bridge when I come to it) then stash the list away somewhere like a demented humanoid squirrel. And also akin to a squirrel, I forget where I stashed it, and have to make a new one. Every year I do this. And yet I never get tired of doing so.

So anyways, I was online, and an advertisement for Olive Garden popped up in the middle of the screen (how positively annoying) and it had tiramisu on it. So I thought "hmm...kinda like 'Tera Sue'!"

But it's not what you think. SURPRISE ENDING AHEAD!! HOLD ON TO YOUR SAFARI HATS, PEOPLE!!!  I want to name my ANIMALS those names. You see, I settled on a name for an actual kid long ago (Penelope. I would call her "Lopey" for short *sighs fondly*), so this whole process I use is to figure out my future pets' names.
  •  'Perdita' for my goose.
  • 'Tera Sue' for my pine marten.
  • 'Reginald', 'Bodger', and 'McDuff' for my scottie dogs.
  • 'Cat' for my mouse.
  • 'Jane' for my old english sheepdog.
  • 'Henrietta' for my chicken.
  • 'Hamlet' and 'Leonardo' for my teacup pigs.
  • 'Gollum', 'Zelda', 'Link', 'Lucille' and 'Ethel' for my cats.
  • 'Professor Plant-Eater' for my turtle.
  • 'Baby' for my dragon.

You will never be this happy ^

Pine Marten, in case anyone was wondering ^

*weeps from cuteness* ^

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Why Do I Torture Myself So?

I have been on and for the last hour and a half. The only thing i can afford on either sight is a sticker sheet, or a pin. Or, let me re-phrase, i COULD afford a dress from Modcloth or a hat from Shanalogic, but i would destroy my wallet AND my miserly heart by doing so.

I don't understand it!! When i read other people's blogs (weird, indie, vegan, vintage blogs. Because that's just how i roll) they will say something like "Treated myself to ten new dresses from Modcloth!" and I'm all like " . . . . . . WHAT DO YOU DO THAT YOU CAN AFFORD THIS?!?!?"

It's a sad, volatile process that i go through:
  1. Get online, go onto modcloth/shanalogic, all pumped to be alive and have hair. YAY!!
  2. *fifteen minutes later* slightly less pumped as i look at all the cool stuff that i will never have.
  3. *hour later* trying to keep myself from weeping.
  4. *hour and a half later* blog about my sadness. (you have no clue how many posts similar to this there are in my drafts)
  5. Begin ranting angrily, dragging my dad into the rant, pointing to each item loudly like "Excuse me: What is this shizbit right here?!?!?!"
  6. Now extremely depressing, will drag myself to the fridge to scavenge for food and chocolate like a common homeless individual.
  7. Sit on couch in a ball of shame and worthlessness, eating messily, controlling the remote with tyrannous intent, while my dad just sighs and knuckles under.
  8. Watched "bridezillas" and feels better.
  9. Gets pumped about life and having glorious hair.
  10. Repeat.
If it wasn't for my "EVERYTHING IS MAGICAL" syndrome, i would be too sad to write. I would just lay on the floor while my family just walks around me. Sometimes my doggie Chloe will lay on me (actually, now that i think about it, she almost ALWAYS lays on me.....weird....).

I feel like I should write more, because what i have right now seems inadequate, and my current topic has been milked for all it's worth. So, RANDOM CHANGE OF SUBJECT. I just got a new book called "Austentatious" by Alyssa Goodnight ( I envy her last name so much..). And.....yeah, i didn't think this through. I was going to write it's summary, but it's wayyyyyyy too long for my liking, so here's the link to the book on her website. Don't go too crazy:

And now, some pictures to make this post seem longer.

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Lately, I've begun to see everything as magical. Maybe it's the insanity finally catching up to me, maybe it's the reclusivness, maybe it's the lack of Dr. Seuss PJs, or maybe it's the PMS. I don't know, all i know is that the world is so MAGICAL NOW. It really makes a person feel alive. Where most people see this:

I see this:

And I think even my face has been more magical as of late. Not that it wasn't always magical *wave of arrogance* but it seems extra-magical now. Like my eyes are windows into The Candy Kingdom, and my skin looks like a rainbow, only cracker-colored. And DO NOT get me started on my eyebrows. Just do not. And my feet look like sunshine personified. If it were socially accepted (no, not "accepted".  I don't care if it's accepted. more like "allowed") i would walk around in a white top hat and fairy wings. But alas, i cannot.

Maybe my magical view is because last week, i had a really bad headache. So my mom, being the awesome mom that she is, went out and bought me all these colorful balloons to make me feel better, because oh how i love balloons. And recently, someone cut them all loose, so now they just randomly drift about on the ceiling, being their epic balloon selves. So i'll just be walking about like "la la la la la . . . *spots balloon* COLORS FLOATING COLORS OOOOOHHHH MAGICAL MAGIC MAGIC MAGIC!!" (Yes, my thought pattern DOES sound like that.)

I forgot i was hungry, so i'm going to stop typing and looking like Gollum all hunched over now, and eat a hot dog. Bye.

Monday, June 11, 2012

I do not do hiking.

A few days ago, by uncle tried to get me to become more active outside (and apparently reading outsdie doesn't count) so he had me go with him on his daily walk at Sunset Park. I would have been okay with that, I think, only he walked SO FAST. And being the lady ( or fool) that I am, I insisted on wearing a skirt and ballet flats. My words: "a lady should be able to do everything a man can, but doing so fashionably" What was I thinking? My feet are paying. But it all bounces out because i remembered to bring my ipod/camera with me, and got some great pictures!!
A view of the river :)

Wall that i feel is infinitely charming!

i was trying to get a shot of a bird, but it didn't show :( still happily pretty though!

if i had been alone, i would have psyched myself out senseless.



Of Hello Kitty and Elephant Souls.

My forehead had three giant, sore zits; my feet are rough; my hands are crippled from viscious knitting; I just ate one of three prized chocolate cookies that i'm trying to perserve because they no longer sell them (am depressed because of this); I look like this right now:


And it is also raining. I love rain. Rain is so comforting. So while I am like this:


Most people are like this:

So, there you have it, folks. I am an elephant-soul with a hello kitty cup. FEAR ME.