Tuesday, March 6, 2012


As much as I would like to say with complete and utter honesty that i have absolutely no secrets, that just isn't true. As much as i would like to say that i dont have some little skeletons in my colorful closet, that isn't true either. The truth is, i have secrets. Lots and lots of secrets.
Lots. and Lots.
- I secretly like Selena Gomez. Quite a lot. Even though she is dating the ugliest man alive.
- I watch Family Guy then feel depressed afterwards.
- I cant look at blood or any wounds of any kind.
- I secretly pretend my lungs are happily married and living contentedly in my rib-house.
- I dont drink nearly as much water as i brag i do.
- My favorite animal is not a narwhal; it's either the Pine Martin or the Loch Ness Monster.
- I'm so tired of hearing about Chuck Norris, Twilight, the Hunger Games, or Harry Potter.
- When i was little, i proposed to Frodo Baggins via snail mail. I never got a reply.
- I don't like American Cheese.
- I'm more of a cat person, but don't tell my dogs!
- The only things i think about all the time are my dogs and cats.
- I think cowbells are hilarious.
- I read everything in a scottish accent in my head. Everything.
- One time i obsessed over a cut on my hand so much that my mom ordered me on 'lockdown' and i had to wear oven mitts at all times so i wouldn't stress, and i wasn't allowed to do anything with it; only mom, because apparently i went 'overboard'.
- If they are male, i automatically dislike them.
- I hate teen books.
- I have a serious (SERIOUS) problem about reading the ends of books. It cannot be stopped.
- I like my curly hair. A lot.
- My secrets aren't that scandalous.
- I thought they were until about two minutes ago.
- My appendix is my favorite organ.

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