Sunday, March 18, 2012

40 Top Greatest Movies of All Time (says ME)

(In no order)

1) Medicine Man
2) Princess Bride
3) Sabrina
4) Casablanca
5) Harvey
6) It Happened One Night
7) Darby O'Gill and the Little People
8) Dragonheart
9) All clasic disney movies:
  a: Lion King
  b: Aladdin
  c: Aristocats
  d: Tarzan
  e: Mulan
  f: Pocahontas
  g: Cinderella
  h: Sleeping Beauty
  i: Beauty and the beast
  j: Bambi
  k: Sword and the Stone
  l: Alice in Wonderland
  m: Lady and the Tramp
10) The African Queen
11) Lord of the Rings series
12) Rear Window
13) Forrest Gump
14) Young Frankenstien
15) My Fair Lady
16) To Kill a Mockingbird
17) Bringing Up Baby
18) Arsenic and Old Lace
19) Nation Lampoon's Vacation
20) National Lampoon's Animal House
21) Sleepless in Seattle
22) Money Pit
23) The 'Burbs
24) It's Kind of a Funny Story ;)
25) 27 Dresses
26) Bride Wars
27) Bridget Jones' Diary
28) Sweet Home Alabama
29) 13 Going on 30
30) Dirty Dancing
31) Highlander
32) Sleepy Hollow
33) Rango
34) the Mirror has Two Faces
35) Legally Blonde
36) Ghost
37) Overboard
38) Steel Magnolias
39) Where the Heart is
40) Secret Life of bees

And you can take that list to the the bank, because i guarantee that it's much better than the list made by the American Film Institute. I mean, they put Doctor Zhivago on there -_-

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