Sunday, February 26, 2012

Shakespeare and Company
 Okay, so i have become just a little bit obsessed with a bookstore that is over 1,000 miles away from me. It's called Shakespeare and Co. and it resides in Paris. How pathetic is that? I kept seeing it pop up in various spots that shall remain nameless, so i thought it could do no harm to google it. I WAS WRONG. It's literally made me a better person, i kid you not. I have begun exercising (don't get to excited, it's just five sit ups a day), i have tried drinking less soda (it isn't working..), and i've begun to read The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Kidd instead of the dirty romances i usually bury myself in (but i'm reading Notorious Pleasures on the side; i'll never quit cold turkey!), and i've been trying to teach myself ballet. Do you have ANY IDEA how hard it is to teach yourself a prestigious art based on grace and elegance?? VERY FREAKIN' HARD. How does all this renovating of the soul go back to a little French bookstore? because, damn it, i'm going to have to shape up in order to go there. I don't want the owners looking at me, thinking, "I bet she reads dirty books and drinks Dr. Pepper like water. I just know it". Can't you imagine that, too??? Oh, i would be so embarrassed, i would leave the bookstore a bundle of shame, my tears blurring my vision so i would probably trip on the curb like an idiot. *shudder* no, Sir, i think not. And since you were oh-so kind enough to listen to my determined little speech about nothing of importance to anyone but i and my fellow little book nerdlings, i even treated you with a picture from the one and only Shakespeare and Co. bookstore (by the way, you would think the name Shakespeare would be copyrighted.....), that i just realized you have probably been looking at all along, and now i feel fail *feels fail*....ANYWAY, i hope you have lovely sunday, and may you all be able to visit that darling bookstore located in the city that is Paris!
Au Revoir,
Not Athena

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