Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Clay Doesn't Like Me

That's all there is to it. A few days ago i had no school, so i thought I'd bring out my dad's old modeling clay. There are a lot of memories to that modeling clay, which is basically a GIANT blob of gray, perfect clay, marbled through with streaks of color that hasn't completely conformed to the gray yet. That ball of clay is literally older than me, and i treat it with up most care when i bring it down. One of my dad's greatest accomplishments (besides me of course!) is this big, intricate Chinese dragon he sculpted one day out of a chuck of that clay, so a few days ago i thought it would be a great idea to make a dragon too, only this time have it look more along the lines of a European dragon, if that helps at all as far as painting-the-mental-picture goes. So, there i was, sitting on the floor, the clay all spread out on the coffee table, since we have no other table (yes, call us hippies.), ALL AFTERNOON almost,  working reealllyy (imagine me saying that in a British accent, so it sounds more like "rally") hard, when finally it was done. I should have taken a picture in all honesty, because now i want to remember that (and i might be a touch embarrassed about what happens next) beautiful dragon. Anywho, I called my dad in, all excited because i thought "hey, dad's valentine's day present is done!". But then he says them. The words that made me literally see red:

"Oh, you made me a dog!"

Now, i ask you: Does a dog have wings? No. Does a dog have scales? No. Does it breathe fire? No. And since my creation had all of those attributes, one would think "gee, maybe i should LOOK AT IT CLOSER." So, i had a little fit and smashed the dragon to smithereens like Godzilla did to that poor city of Tokyo. Ok, maybe not that dramatically, and no one really DIED (except for the dragon. The dragon died.), so, bad simile there, but ah well. If i where to change the simile now i would have to erase whatever i just typed about it, including this very sentence, and let's face it: There were some really good, witty gems in there.
       Happy Valentine's Day!!!,
       Not Athena

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