Sunday, February 12, 2012

Adios Nervana, it was nice while it lasted

and by "nervana" i of course mean The Weekend. Especially this, a three-day weekend. and for you poor souls who only had a normie, two-day weekend, i reach out with my deepest sympathy: MMWAHAHAHA!!  Anyway, i wanted to blither on a little about some of the awesome things that can befall you on the most horrid of Mondays, because let's face it, we all need a little aid in getting through Monday. Monday night always seems great to me, but in the mornings i feel like i'm lacking a few liters of blood, my hair is frizzy and matted, and my eye-bags have bags. And even though nothing really CHANGES, it's better because of one thing: YOU SURVIVED ANOTHER MONDAY!! And whenever one of these little things float to you, it's like a little boost to get you through:
Finding a free pencil or pen on the ground!
Getting to listen to your favorite song on the bus.
Typing your username and password at the speed of light.
 Changing the channel on the TV during the commercials and changing it back just as the show's getting back.
Looking at how much dirt came off something you just cleaned.
Rubbing someone's shaved head.
Sneezing and a stranger randomly says Bless You.
Fully justifying whatever junky thing you're eating.
Walking into class and seeing a sub.
Finally peeing after holding it in forever.
Wearing what you just bought.
When you get charged an even amount (none of that $19.99 crap)
Screaming at characters in movies to do things (NOW KISS HER, YOU NITWIT!)
And most of all....Your lunch friend having extra food so they give it to you. Ah, yes, baby. There are a lot of little amazing things that can happen, even on Mondays! so live it up, and EAT THAT EXTRA FOOD!!!
Not Athena

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