Saturday, January 14, 2012

Recycling like a Boss

I've always tried to find ways to add personality to my already odd ensembles, and so far i've been greatly successful (narcissistic, i know, but there you are). But one of my favorite finds is taking old junk and making hair clips out of them. The beauty of it is that they aren't all fancy and intricate! Some of my treasured ones are a fortune from a fortune cookie, an old-fashioned "admit one" ticket, and a bunch of bottle caps glued together in a flower shape. Just glue onto bobby pins or other clips (or even pins to make a cute little broach), and you are done! Tips: When working with paper (like a fortune cookie slip) it's best to glue it onto a piece of cardboard cut the same size as the paper for a sturdy back; when picking out your hair clips, avoid using cheap bobby pins, like plastic ones, because they are much more likely to bend or break and you may end up damaging your work of art when you try to pry it off the ruined bobby pin; and last but not least, it's best to avoid going out in the rain with them, because it might do something to either the glue, or ruin the piece if it's not water-proof.
Personally, i love these things because they spice up my usual bun when i know i want to look extra personality-ish. My favorite hairstyle to use is to put my hair back into a ponytail with a secure hair tie, then begin bobby pinning ll my hair up around it to create a fancy-LOOKING updo, then adding some of my favorites randomly in it to look like they are just scattered carelessly throughout. i get some odd looks, but that's to be expected. or if you aren't into that kind of thing, just one simple clip pinning back bangs look plucky but still simple and under-stated.
i hope you enjoyed this! have fun my dears, and remember, ANYTHING can be turned into an accessory.
Not Athena

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