Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Two Cents on Tea (Tea for Dummies 101)

Oh, boy, I love tea. I mean, I LOVE TEA. I drink a glass in the morning, in the evening, non-stop on the weekends. Some days, i will run on literally nothing but naturally-caffeinated tea. Sound sort of unhealthy? I know, i think it sounds unhealthy too. I don't just drink it willy-nilly, however! I drink specific brands, kinds, and with certain herbs and amounts of sugar and cream. I wouldn't call myself a tea expert (I'll leave that honor to those adorable little old Japanese men with white hair and fancy tea ceremony cups), but I do know my teas. On to the basis of this post!! If you would like to try tea, this post is about how to completely over-do it and just derp out all over it, because tea is a LIFESTYLE!! ^^ Firstly, buying tea! This is my favorite part, because you would not believe the selection you can get at normal stores such as Wal-Mart or CVS. I would suggest buying the Three Big Ones: Earl Grey (a classic English tea that was all the rage and all the proper in the Victorian days), Green tea (Which is a legendary tea originated in Asia, claimed to have extreme health benefits such as antioxidants, of which i believe readily), and of course, a flavored tea of your choice (I enjoy Honey Chamomile and also Strawberry Pomegranate ^^) Secondly, how you flavor your tea!! This is the most tiring part because you could sweeten it too much (which is virtually impossible for me) or too little (happens every day to me >.<). But just keep in mind the ingredients for the perfect tea include, but are not limited to by any case: Honey, Sugar, Cream.....yeah, that's about it. But never fear, because if you like how it tastes, go ahead and feel free to make it part of your everyday tea recipe! And Thirdly, The container!! Personally, my favorite teacup in the world is this ceramic giant sky blue tea cup that is whimsical in it's color and shape, but practical in it's durability. I love it! In truth, tea is great, and I love it too! I hope you have fun reading my how-to to literally just tea in all it's glory, because i had fun writing about my one true love *dreamy sigh*
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