Thursday, January 19, 2012

My favorite websites

I was online a few moments ago, and after nodding off once...or twice....or three times.....i have decided to share unto you some of the most wonderful sites i have ever been on. I have been visiting them gleefully for about...*scratches head then giggles when i remind myself of a chimp* *awkward because i have the attention span of a newt*...two years? or so? anyways, these sites always have a way of cheering me up/getting me pepped up/making it possible to NOT kill my cat when he attacks me for the quadrillionth time.

any many moooooore *me gusta*. i admit, i got a little sidetracked once i hit Ragestache, but alas, all in the name of blogging, because one must first view the material she is posting before, ya know, POSTING. Seriously, it can wear a girl out. I got a cramp from hitting the backspace button too many times, and i teared up, because I'm not used to physical exertion. I collapse in gym after running after a MINUTE, people.........*just now realized i got so far off topic i can't even see the topic anymore*. Anyhoo, i hope you have fun and at least have not seen ONE of these sites, since Pinterest and tasteofawesome seem pretty popular, but what do i know, I'm just a socially awkward nerdette sitting home alone at her computer. But dammit, it's a NICE computer.
Taste the rainbow, my friends!,
Not Athena

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