Saturday, January 21, 2012

Battle of the Garbage Can

This is just a post that i have created to rant. You don't need to read it, nothing to see here *whistles*. But let me just say that i have a very sensitive nose and gag reflex. And one of the most horrid smells i have ever encountered is the smell of trash. It had always fascinated me, in the studying-my-enemy way, that no matter what is WITHIN the trash, whether it be filled with banana peels or various disgusting waste, that it ALWAYS smells the same. And i hate that smell. Really hard. As in today for example: There I was, sitting on the couch nomming chocolate, when i got the faintest whiff of trash. I gagged a little, but I'm very lazy, so I ignored it. came again. I hopped off the couch, and with my fast-depleting energy, and armed with my Febreeze can (yes, MY febreeeze can. It isn't communal. No one uses that can but I), i battled the trash in a battle like no other. But the moment i sat back down, IT CAME BACK. I cried a little before growing a pair and getting back up and grabbing my Lysol can. Yes, the Lysol can. My family knows to get the hell out of the way when i bring out the Lysol can, because nothing will stop me until THE SMELL ADMITS DEFEAT. About two hours, and one empty can, later, the garbage was drenched in artificial smells and the stench was put at bay......0.o for now........

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