Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Two Cents on Tea (Tea for Dummies 101)

Oh, boy, I love tea. I mean, I LOVE TEA. I drink a glass in the morning, in the evening, non-stop on the weekends. Some days, i will run on literally nothing but naturally-caffeinated tea. Sound sort of unhealthy? I know, i think it sounds unhealthy too. I don't just drink it willy-nilly, however! I drink specific brands, kinds, and with certain herbs and amounts of sugar and cream. I wouldn't call myself a tea expert (I'll leave that honor to those adorable little old Japanese men with white hair and fancy tea ceremony cups), but I do know my teas. On to the basis of this post!! If you would like to try tea, this post is about how to completely over-do it and just derp out all over it, because tea is a LIFESTYLE!! ^^ Firstly, buying tea! This is my favorite part, because you would not believe the selection you can get at normal stores such as Wal-Mart or CVS. I would suggest buying the Three Big Ones: Earl Grey (a classic English tea that was all the rage and all the proper in the Victorian days), Green tea (Which is a legendary tea originated in Asia, claimed to have extreme health benefits such as antioxidants, of which i believe readily), and of course, a flavored tea of your choice (I enjoy Honey Chamomile and also Strawberry Pomegranate ^^) Secondly, how you flavor your tea!! This is the most tiring part because you could sweeten it too much (which is virtually impossible for me) or too little (happens every day to me >.<). But just keep in mind the ingredients for the perfect tea include, but are not limited to by any case: Honey, Sugar, Cream.....yeah, that's about it. But never fear, because if you like how it tastes, go ahead and feel free to make it part of your everyday tea recipe! And Thirdly, The container!! Personally, my favorite teacup in the world is this ceramic giant sky blue tea cup that is whimsical in it's color and shape, but practical in it's durability. I love it! In truth, tea is great, and I love it too! I hope you have fun reading my how-to to literally just tea in all it's glory, because i had fun writing about my one true love *dreamy sigh*
Not Athena

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Battle of the Garbage Can

This is just a post that i have created to rant. You don't need to read it, nothing to see here *whistles*. But let me just say that i have a very sensitive nose and gag reflex. And one of the most horrid smells i have ever encountered is the smell of trash. It had always fascinated me, in the studying-my-enemy way, that no matter what is WITHIN the trash, whether it be filled with banana peels or various disgusting waste, that it ALWAYS smells the same. And i hate that smell. Really hard. As in today for example: There I was, sitting on the couch nomming chocolate, when i got the faintest whiff of trash. I gagged a little, but I'm very lazy, so I ignored it. came again. I hopped off the couch, and with my fast-depleting energy, and armed with my Febreeze can (yes, MY febreeeze can. It isn't communal. No one uses that can but I), i battled the trash in a battle like no other. But the moment i sat back down, IT CAME BACK. I cried a little before growing a pair and getting back up and grabbing my Lysol can. Yes, the Lysol can. My family knows to get the hell out of the way when i bring out the Lysol can, because nothing will stop me until THE SMELL ADMITS DEFEAT. About two hours, and one empty can, later, the garbage was drenched in artificial smells and the stench was put at bay......0.o for now........

Thursday, January 19, 2012

My favorite websites

I was online a few moments ago, and after nodding off once...or twice....or three times.....i have decided to share unto you some of the most wonderful sites i have ever been on. I have been visiting them gleefully for about...*scratches head then giggles when i remind myself of a chimp* *awkward because i have the attention span of a newt*...two years? or so? anyways, these sites always have a way of cheering me up/getting me pepped up/making it possible to NOT kill my cat when he attacks me for the quadrillionth time.

any many moooooore *me gusta*. i admit, i got a little sidetracked once i hit Ragestache, but alas, all in the name of blogging, because one must first view the material she is posting before, ya know, POSTING. Seriously, it can wear a girl out. I got a cramp from hitting the backspace button too many times, and i teared up, because I'm not used to physical exertion. I collapse in gym after running after a MINUTE, people.........*just now realized i got so far off topic i can't even see the topic anymore*. Anyhoo, i hope you have fun and at least have not seen ONE of these sites, since Pinterest and tasteofawesome seem pretty popular, but what do i know, I'm just a socially awkward nerdette sitting home alone at her computer. But dammit, it's a NICE computer.
Taste the rainbow, my friends!,
Not Athena

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Recycling like a Boss

I've always tried to find ways to add personality to my already odd ensembles, and so far i've been greatly successful (narcissistic, i know, but there you are). But one of my favorite finds is taking old junk and making hair clips out of them. The beauty of it is that they aren't all fancy and intricate! Some of my treasured ones are a fortune from a fortune cookie, an old-fashioned "admit one" ticket, and a bunch of bottle caps glued together in a flower shape. Just glue onto bobby pins or other clips (or even pins to make a cute little broach), and you are done! Tips: When working with paper (like a fortune cookie slip) it's best to glue it onto a piece of cardboard cut the same size as the paper for a sturdy back; when picking out your hair clips, avoid using cheap bobby pins, like plastic ones, because they are much more likely to bend or break and you may end up damaging your work of art when you try to pry it off the ruined bobby pin; and last but not least, it's best to avoid going out in the rain with them, because it might do something to either the glue, or ruin the piece if it's not water-proof.
Personally, i love these things because they spice up my usual bun when i know i want to look extra personality-ish. My favorite hairstyle to use is to put my hair back into a ponytail with a secure hair tie, then begin bobby pinning ll my hair up around it to create a fancy-LOOKING updo, then adding some of my favorites randomly in it to look like they are just scattered carelessly throughout. i get some odd looks, but that's to be expected. or if you aren't into that kind of thing, just one simple clip pinning back bangs look plucky but still simple and under-stated.
i hope you enjoyed this! have fun my dears, and remember, ANYTHING can be turned into an accessory.
Not Athena