Friday, December 23, 2011

Random Post #1

Today, while my mom went off to work at the hospital (yay for nurses!), my Father and I had to bake two cakes and four batches of cookies for the Christmas party. I ate half of the batter for the cakes, bit by bit, and i didn't think i was taking all that much, but the cakes ended up being a touch flat. Dad blames himself, thinking he forgot something, and though i feel bad, I'll just let him take one for the team on this one. And the cookies wouldn't bake. I swear by Athena that i didn't to anything to them, but they look more like Pillsbury biscuits with oatmeal and raisins mixed in there. Honestly, i don't know what happened.
I'm dying to get back to my latest art project! i have been drinking Diet Dr. Pepper like a fish, to confiscate the tabs. I've been pondering trying to spraypaint them in a bunch o' wild colors, then arranging them into a metal flower for a hair clip. I would then blog about it, if everything would go according to plan. But my plans are on deadlock while i'm in the kitchen. And then my dad mentioned that he didn't want me eating sushi again. NOOOOO!!!!! He is no longer my favorite Person Named Greg. I think that evil little ferret my uncle used to have will take his place.

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