Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bust Out That Old Tea Set!

If you are of a feminine nature, then you must remember that old tea set you had, right? RIGHT? or am i the only one?
In the off chance that you share this with me, then you haven't probably brought it out in years (unless you have kids, which is great, but it would be pretty awkward for me considering im still in high school!). Well, i decided to try and incorporate it into my room decor. Which, i admit, is actually amazingly easy, because i am a self-professed hoarder, and my room is a colorful clash of every color scheme known to man, and some only known to Narwhals 0.o
Anywho, i tried it, and it worked great! here's what i did:   
-Firstly, i cleared a spot i wouldn't really use off of my huge, wood dresser, and of course, brought out my duster, of which hadn't seen the light of day since i stole it from my mom when i was FIVE.
-Secondly, i arranged my set on the new space like so: i put the actual tea kettle-thing in the middle, then placed first the little cute dishes around the pot in the fashion of a circle, so that they evenly surrounded the pot. Then, the easiest step, i put the tiny teacups on the dishes.
-Thirdly, i randomly placed the awkward cream pitcher somewhere near the vicinity of my display.

It was really simple, and made my room that much more memorable.
And now, i need to take a moment and tell you about my special tea set. Now, i may have fibbed a bit about my inspiration: the set i actually used was a japanese set my Uncle gave me for my birthday recently. But since it's unlikely that you would receive a japanese ceremonial tea set any time soon, i figured i would make this post more user-friendly. So, yes, while yours may be too childish for you and while mine was actually a more neutral, if not odd, set, IT DOESN'T MATTER. This post was all about helping you merge your childhood life to your present one and to bring some warm memories to your home.
I hope you liked this tip, and have a happy holidays!

Yours Truley,
Not Athena 

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